Agricultural Ecosystem

Technology driven

Improving socio-economic status and waste management


At Agripad, we are building a technology-driven agricultural ecosystem for Indian farmers. Our goal is to improve a farmer’s socio-economic status and increase farm productivity.

Through our intelligent demand-driven supply chain, we are removing middlemen from the existing system, providing more income to farmers and reducing crop wastage.

Through an AI-powered agri advisory platform, we are helping farmers improve productivity.

Improving socio-economic status and crop wastage management

Intelligent Demand-Driven B2B Supply Chain

End-to-end managed. Better returns to farmers. Reduced crop wastage.

End-to-End Management

Using a combination of mobile apps and cloud based platform, we manage the end-to-end supply chain ensuring transparency and better control.

Better Returns to Farmers

By removing middlemen from the supply chain, we give more income to farmers for their crops.

Smart Routing

We use a combination of multiple proprietary algorithms to ensure on time delivery, optimized routing and failovers for better logistics management.

Reduced Crop Wastage

Our demand-driven platform predicts demand in advance which leads to up to 25% reduction in crop wastage.